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The Winner of the $100,000 Raffle is Dovid Katz from Monsey


A LeShadech Challah!! Please have in mind a single boy and/or girl who is in need of a shidduch. Text 844-537-4233 for information how to win a Bosch Mixer


Question and Answer Panel Well known shadchanim will join a shidduch panel Who will answer questions submitted by the public Moderator: Reb Mordechia Rosen Panel Includes: R’ Yoir - Heshy Greenzweig, R’ Shaya Tenenbaum & R’ Pinchas Meilech Weissman Discussion will be held in Yiddish & English, open to men & women Wednesday Evening פרשת שמות January 6TH (ניטל) at 9:00 PM

Leshadech has the strong support and encouragement of the Rabbanim and Roshei Yeshivos from all over the world.


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